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Hello Guys,

Welcome back to our Channel Be Comp Pro.
In this video, I have downloaded python and installed pycharm on windows 10.
This video also explains what is IDE…
Remaining Python tutorials in hindi are coming up soon.
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These python lectures in hindi will teach you the real meaning of python in hindi along with a lot of examples.
With these python lectures, we will cover a lot of examples and exercises.
I am also planning to release a Python book in hindi (pdf) very soon, so stay tuned with the channel to know when I release my python in hindi pdf notes.
I used to get questions like what is python in hindi, which is the best python book in hindi,
when will you release python language tutorial in hindi, when are your python hindi lectures coming etc.

Now you can learn python in hindi without any hassle.
These python lectures are easy to understand and will make you appreciate the beauty of python.
We will start with python basics, python download, python programming fundamentals, python for loop, python dictionary, python list, python class, python ide, python else if, python function, python tuple, python installation with all details, python regular expression, python regex, python 3, python download windows, python data types, python string, python range, python lambda, python split, python list comprehension, python operator, python lambda function, python read file, python comment, python sorted, python enumerate, python data structures, python try catch, python global variables and then will touch upon some advanced level concepts in great detail.
This python programming tutorial in hindi covers everything about each and every python concept in hindi.
After watching this course, you will be very successful in learning python in hindi.
This is a full python course in hindi.
A python full course in hindi which covers each and every aspect of it.
This Python course is for beginners in hindi is a hindi tutorial which comes with no prerequisite whatsoever.
I hope you will enjoy these python lectures.

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